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Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Your Shop


Marketing Strategies 101: What is a Marketing Campaign? 

A marketing campaign refers to a plan that you create with the intention of promoting your business. Usually, marketing campaigns incorporate many different marketing platforms, but nowadays, these platforms tend to always be social media platforms. 


Take Facebook and Instagram, for example. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of advertisements sporadically placed on your Facebook homepage? There are so many ads interspersed across Instagram feeds as well. 


While social media platforms are not the only way of implementing advertisements, the goal of marketing campaigns is to increase awareness for the brand and get more people talking about the company! Businesses face far more competition today than they did, say... Ten years ago! 


No matter which industry your shop falls into, the market is booming and competition is at an all-time high. Marketing campaigns are the most effective way to strategically plan how you will elevate your business so that it stands out amongst the crowd. With more brand awareness comes a bigger following. 


From there, with a larger pool of people knowing about your business comes a greater likelihood of making more sales. at the end of the day, business will always be about supply and demand. By implementing a strategic marketing campaign for your shop, you will inadvertently increase your demand exponentially. Get ready to grow with optimized marketing strategies!


The 10 Best Marketing Strategies for Brick and Mortar Shops 

The top ten marketing strategies for your coffee shop include… 


  • Create a shop focused on experiential marketing
  • Provide Wi-Fi to customers for free
  • Place signage around town to increase local foot traffic
  • Be active on social media so customers can tag the shop in posts 
  • Run sales and announce limited-time deals to encourage purchases
  • Make sure everything in the shop aligns with the company’s brand
  • Offer interactive surveys so customers feel they have a voice 
  • Create an incentivizing rewards program for customers 
  • Host free event nights open to the public 
  • Consider pairing up with a local delivery service 


Now, let’s take a closer look at the top five marketing strategies for coffee shops!


Create a Shop Focused on Experiential Marketing Barista Underground


Create a Shop Focused on Experiential Marketing 

Experiential marketing is an irreplaceable strategy for brick and mortar shops. It is also harder for ecommerce stores to implement experiential marketing strategies, so the team members of physical storefronts can seriously capitalize on this marketing strategy! 


Experiential marketing centers around the overall experience that your customers have in-store. Think about it this way: have you ever walked into a coffee shop and felt that the baristas cared more about your purchase than they did about you as a person? If so, that coffee shop was not optimized in terms of experiential marketing. 


It is important to focus on making sure your customers have a wonderful experience in your shop. You can improve your customers' experience in many ways, like handing out water while they wait for their coffee and tea drinks!


Provide Wi-Fi to Customers for Free

Complimentary wi-fi is the perfect opportunity to not only market your company to customers who sit down for a bit in your coffee shop, but to also make visitors feel welcomed and respected. One of the best parts about a coffee shop is the ability to make yourself comfortable and surf the internet while you sip on your favorite coffee beverage. 


It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other self-employed people to take their laptop to a coffee shop and work from there. Free wi-fi is such an appreciated gesture, and guess what! Your shop benefits from providing wi-fi to your paying customers. Go the extra mile by publicly displaying your shop’s wi-fi password! 


In order to log onto the wi-fi in your coffee shop, customers will need to agree to the terms and service, which tends to appear as a pop-up window. At this point, you are marketing by way of wi-fi which familiarizes people with your brand's logo and slogan, too. This increases brand awareness, even if only subconsciously, and customers will recognize your coffee shop branding the next time they see it. 


Place Signage Around Town to Increase Local Foot Traffic

Since your coffee shop is a brick and mortar storefront, you have the advantage of serving people who are in the area. But without an intentional marketing strategy, your customer base will be comprised of people who happen to pass by your location and step inside. 


In order to draw people into the shop, rather than leaving it all up to luck and chance, consider designing signs that you can place on various sidewalks in the neighborhood! Signage that mentions the name and address of your coffee shop will work wonders. If you would like to personalize your marketing strategy signage, consider adding a friendly phrase, such as “Stop by today!” or “Come on in!” 


Customers Can Tag the Shop in Posts Barista Underground

Be Active on Social Media so Customers Can Tag the Shop in Posts

Social media is a modern-day version of word-of-mouth marketing. Due to the massive reach that social media provides businesses, it is practically detrimental for coffee shops to not have an active social media presence. 


When it comes to using social media as a marketing strategy for your coffee shop, we suggest creating both an Instagram account and a Facebook business page for your store. Many people love to take photographs of their coffee drinks and upload them onto their Instagram accounts. 


The platform offers an amazing opportunity to spread the word about coffee shops because it gives people the option to tag locations in their posts. Similarly, when you create a Facebook business page, you add credibility to your coffee shop, which is an important element of SEO and marketing campaigns for businesses!


Run Sales and Announce Limited-Time Deals to Encourage Purchases

Marketing campaigns for brick and mortar coffee shops are not only great for business, but these strategies also help to spruce up your coffee shop in general! One of the best strategies for creating positive changes in your shop is by letting the creativity flow and offering limited-time deals to your customers!


Have you ever thought about creating seasonal beverages to add onto your coffee shop menu? When you provide something of value that also happens to be very special and unique to your shop, you eliminate that constant feeling of competition with other coffee companies. When customers can only buy a certain drink from your store, they will come to you directly because you are providing something they cannot get anywhere else. 


A similar example involves pricing. Let’s say you don’t charge an additional fee for alternative milks, but all other coffee shops in your general vicinity charges an extra dollar for non-dairy milk. People who prefer alternative milk over dairy products will pick up on the fact that your coffee shop has the best deal for non-dairy drinkers, and you will automatically receive their business. Get to know your audience and then find ways to encourage purchases! 


Why Marketing Strategies are Important for Brick and Mortar Stores 

A marketing campaign makes perfect sense for stores that rely solely on the internet for sales. Online stores are web-based, meaning that these businesses can only make money from interactions and transactions that take place over the internet. 


So, naturally, it is completely logical for an ecommerce website to implement marketing strategies galore. That’s something we can all agree upon, no questions asked.


However, marketing campaigns are not only important to online stores. They are equally essential for businesses that operate as brick and mortar shops. You may be wondering what marketing strategies have to do with physical storefronts, and to that, we say excellent question


Although brick and mortar stores are very much still in operation, and in abundance, they are in competition with other stores that offer the same goods or services. Think about all of the online retailers that promise same-day delivery, free shipping over a specific price point, and other incentivizing benefits of shopping through their ecommerce stores. 


In theory, someone could simply walk into your coffee shop and purchase a bag of whole bean espresso. Sounds simple enough! But at the same time, the same person could and it could all take place from the comfort of their own homes. 


You need to provide your audience with a reason to choose you over all of their other options. For many people, convenience is the most important factor in their decision-making process. Sure, loyalty can be very strong between a frequent customer and a coffee shop...but when an individual can purchase something online, rather than having to walk somewhere, the tables start to turn. 


Don’t let this make you feel like you are going to lose all your business to ecommerce websites. You won’t, as long as you have an impeccable marketing campaign mapped out for your brick and mortar store. That’s where marketing strategies come into play! 


January 09, 2020 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground