7 Ways to Enhance Your Customers’ Coffee Experience


There are two aspects of a coffee shop that will either make or break whether people decide to return for a second time. The first deciding factor is the quality of the products and the second...

August 01, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

Recipe Ideas for Your Next Signature Coffee-Based Drinks




Many coffee drinkers have a regular signature coffee-based beverage that they order every single day. Whether it be an almond milk latte, a nitro cold brew, a house blend drip, or a double...

July 25, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

More Than Green Tea: Latte Recipes You’ve Never Thought to Make


Can you think of some of the most eccentric latte recipes you’ve ever heard of? One of the most popular latte recipes that diverge from the typical milk-and-espresso concoction is the green tea...

July 18, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

No Creamer? No Problem. How to Make Good Coffee Without Dairy



July 11, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

Brew Better: How to Make the Best Matcha Tea Latte


Starting your day with a mug of green tea is a great way to blow off the cobwebs: it boosts your metabolism, and gives you natural energy to get you up, out, and functioning at 100 percent!

July 04, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

Turmeric Root Tea: Why to Serve the Superfood

June 27, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

Almond Milk vs Milk from Cows

June 20, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

5 Beautifully Designed Coffee Shops Around The World


We love cafe beverages just as much as the next person, whether it be in the form a beautiful latte art or a fun new recipe, like turmeric white hot chocolate. Outside of the drink itself, there...

June 06, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground

Cold Brew Versus Hot Coffee: More Than Just Temperature

Cold vs Hot Brew

Cold brew has established itself within the coffee world recently- but what exactly is “cold brew?” Is it any different from classic hot coffee? Are cold brew and iced coffee the same?

May 31, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground
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