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How to Remodel Your Shop on a Budget


Reasons to Remodel Your Coffee Shop 

There are many reasons to remodel your coffee shop. Maybe you are looking to appeal to a different audience and attract new customers. You could be looking for a fresh start. It is even possible that you are looking to announce another store opening and welcome new team members to your coffee shop. 


And sometimes, the only reason is that you simply want to, and that is just as valid as all the others! No matter the reason behind your store remodel, you will want to read about ways to stay within your budget while maneuvering through the project management process. 


Five Pieces of Advice for Remodeling Your Shop on a Budget

Remodeling a coffee shop on a budget sounds tricky, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you remain within your financial means. Here are five of the most helpful pieces of advice for coffee shop owners looking to store remodel on a budget!


  • Plan ahead, both spatially and financially 
  • Once you finalize your plan, do not make any edits or changes 
  • Leave room in your budget for unexpected run-ins 
  • Incorporate recycled products as much as possible 
  • Handle minor details before the professionals start the store remodel 


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Plan Ahead, Both Spatially and Financially

Project management is everything when you are remodeling a coffee shop. The process of project management is all about planning ahead, preparing for the changes, and then executing your dream.


The absolute worst thing you could possibly do for your coffee shop renovation project is make up your decisions on a whim. That’s why project management exists in the first place. Costs add up so quickly, and you will find yourself paying far more than you ever anticipated if you do not have a detailed plan prior to the remodeling process. 


In order to create a plan for everything you want to be done during the renovation, you will need to be realistic. Do not tell yourself that you will hire shop team members to help you remodel your coffee shop if you know that paying an experienced professionals is the better route to take. Try not to fool yourself into saving money on certain aspects of the store remodel if you know that they are essential parts of the renovation that should not be compromised. 


Think of a renovation budget like grocery shopping. If you create a specific list of everything you need from the store, you can give yourself an idea of how much you should expect to spend. From there, analyze the total cost of everything you want to do during the renovation process. This will help you get a better idea as to whether your vision is affordable or not. Better to know how much you’ll spend from the very beginning than to realize you cannot afford the remodel after it is finished. 


The planning process does not only apply to finances. You should also map out what the renovation will look like and make sure that you have the space to make all of your remodeling dreams come to life. Whether you hire a professional interior designer, or you draw up the vision on your own, make sure everything fits in the allocated space. 


Once You Finalize Your Plan, Do Not Make Any Edits or Changes

As soon as you solidify your budget and goals, do not let yourself add anything once the process of remodeling has already begun. It can be really easy to get carried away in the excitement of it all, but if you start making addendums to your original plan, you will find yourself spending more than you originally intended. 


Before the remodeling process officially starts, be sure that you are totally and completely in love with the plan that you’ve created. Don’t feel like you have to rush through anything either. It is much wiser to take your time with the planning process than to doubt your decisions later on down the road. Be confident in your plan, and do not make any adjustments once it is set in stone. 


Leave Room in Your Budget for Unexpected Run-Ins

This may sound like a contradiction to our previous renovation tip, but this applies more to the changes that you have no control over! As much as we strategize and plan, life has a funny way of surprising us with unexpected situations. 


Maybe you calculate a certain value for the renovation of your floors, and it turns out that your estimate was lower than the actual cost. Or let’s say you had an idea for a new alternative milk fridge, but the cost of electricity will skyrocket as a result. 


Similarly, it is possible that you want to start offering more flavored syrup options and then you later realize you didn’t account for additional counter space or storage options. When it comes to remodeling your coffee shop, these surprises often arrive in the shape of higher costs. 


If you are remodeling your coffee shop, it is very likely that your employees are temporarily out of work while the renovations take place. If your renovation process lasts far longer than you had anticipated, you will want to think of the employees who expected to be back to work sooner than later. As an employer, it is decent and fair to pay your employees for the additional hours they are missing out on due to the delay in renovations. 


But in order to pay your employees for the inconvenience, you will need to have money left over in your budget. This is yet another example, among many, of the reasons why leaving room in your remodeling budget for unexpected changes is very wise! Always keep your customers in-the-know as well.


Incorporate Recycled Products As Much As Possible

Renovating an entire coffee shop is quite the financial undertaking. From paying the contractors and purchasing new furniture, to replacing the old floors and renovating countertops, there are so many expensive aspects of a coffee shop renovation project. But let’s talk about the “purchasing new furniture” step in the remodeling process.


You don’t have to purchase new furniture in order for it to be new to you. That might sound confusing, so let us explain what we mean! When you buy furniture directly from retailers, you are purchasing unused, straight-from-the-box furniture. But who says you can’t head to a nearby thrift store and take a look at all the furniture other people have given away?


As long as the furniture is in good condition, thrifted items can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to budgeting for a store remodel. If you are lucky, you will be able to find matching items of furniture. It might take longer, but trust the process!


If the aesthetic of your coffee shop is more of a mismatched and casual vibe, you don’t have to worry as much about matching sets, making thrifted items even more fitting for your renovation process. You can channel your artistic talent to arrange the various pieces of furniture in a sensical way, and the best part is that you’ll stay within your budget. 


Handle Minor Details Store Remodel Barista Underground


Handle Minor Details Before the Professionals Start the Store Remodel

Before the remodeling even starts, take preliminary steps by getting rid of everything that takes up space for no reason. See, it's very easy to let items pile up, especially in a coffee shop, where the pace moves very quickly and there is always something to do for a customer. 


Hot cups fall underneath counters. Lids slip underneath espresso machines. Food-handling tongs pile up in the sink of dirty dishes. The floors tend to accumulate small pieces of garbage, and the inventory rooms can easily turn into storage spaces by accident. The list goes on and on, but if you tackle all of these before the professional store remodeling team gets to work, you may save money on minor details by taking care of them yourself. 


Other Ways to Prepare for a Coffee Shop Store Remodel 

Remodeling your coffee shop not only affects you as a business, but also your customers and your community. Be sure to give adequate notice if your coffee shop will be temporarily out of business during the renovations. 


You should definitely inform everyone who makes your coffee shop possible that the store will be under renovation. This not only applies to the baristas you employ, but also to people in the area. If possible, try your best to supply them with a store opening date as well. 


Doing so will build anticipation for the day your shop reopens, and that will help your sales tremendously! At the end of the day, you want to be as transparent as possible with your team members and customers. Let everyone know what is going on and watch as they gaze in awe at the outcome of your store remodel! 


January 16, 2020 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground