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From Basic to Cool: Unique Ways to Revamp Classic Coffee & Espresso Coffee Recipes

Before coffee culture became what it is today, the coffee plant originated in a small town in the African country of Ethiopia. Over the years, coffee has evolved beyond just basic recipes. Starting as a basic plant that was combined with water and nothing more, coffee drinks have become so diverse and unique


Once black coffee was crafted in Ethiopia, it was not long after that espresso became a popular coffee drink of choice. Originating in the European country of Italy, basic espresso has been utilized as a main ingredient in many cool coffee recipes. After Italian coffee enthusiasts introduced espresso to the world, there were four main coffee drinks that eventually became known as the most classic of all coffee and cool espresso coffee recipes. 


The four most popular coffee classics include...


  • Espresso 
  • Cappuccino 
  • Americano  
  • Latte


Nowadays, there are a lot of different coffee-based beverages that are not part of the original four, but they are still styled after the classics. Here are a few creative and unique ways to revamp the most classic coffee and basic espresso coffee recipes! 


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Lavender Espresso 

Aside from plain drip coffee, espresso is one of the most basic coffee recipes. When pulled properly, espresso shots are a quick and delicious way of giving yourself an extra pep in your step. 


But sometimes, the bitterness that espresso leaves in your mouth as an aftertaste is not quite what you’re looking for, and that’s understandable. On a similar note, an espresso shot a day might start to bore you, so if you’re looking for unique coffee recipes involving only espresso, we have the perfect idea for you. 


Lavender espresso is a little known secret. It’s not everyday that you think of combining floral flavors with the earthy undertones of espresso. But at its roots, espresso stems from coffee beans, which originally begin as plants. So when you think about it, pairing an herb with a plant-derived drink is more natural and cool than it sounds right off the bat! 


You will need…



  1. Pull two shots of espresso. 
  2. Add a quarter of a pump of lavender syrup to your demitasse cup.
  3. Pour the espresso into your demitasse cup. 
  4. For those of you who love sweeter espresso, add a pinch of brown sugar to yours! 


Tip -- You can always replace lavender syrup with earl grey lavender tea leaves. This is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a less artificial spin on these unique coffee recipes. Simply omit the second step in the recipe, and add the lavender tea leaves directly to the espresso shots. 


We advise that you let the lavender tea leaves sit untouched in the espresso before sipping away, especially if you’re looking to enjoy an aromatic lavender espresso! Feel free to either consume the tea leaves or take them out with a spoon after they have steeped for a few minutes. The decision is all yours! 


Tropical Cappuccino 

The cappuccino has always been known for an abundance of foam. Compared to a latte, the cappuccino is frothier, meaning the milk is foamier in a cappuccino. Cappuccinos tend to be lighter than lattes as a result of the difference in foam-to-milk ratio. Aside from the difference in milk textures, lattes and cappuccinos are fairly similar. 


The foaminess of cappuccinos is amazing as is, but what better than a cappuccino with banana milk foam? By combining the flavors of macadamia, coconut, and banana, you can create a tropical cappuccino all on your own. It’s like bringing together the beauty of a tropical resort and the comfort of your own home.  


You will need…

  • One shot of espresso
  • Banana syrup
  • Coconut syrup
  • Macadamia nut syrup
  • Oat milk



  1. Pull a shot of espresso. 
  2. While the shot is pulling, add one pump of macadamia syrup to your coffee mug.
  3. Then, add a pump of coconut syrup to the same mug. 
  4. Take a milk frothing pitcher and add a pump of banana syrup to your pitcher. 
  5. Then, pour eight ounces of oat milk into your pitcher. 
  6. Before steaming the oat milk, take the espresso shot and pour it into your mug.
  7. Steam the banana oat milk until it reaches your ideal temperature.


Tip -- Aerate your banana oat milk a little longer than usual to create the perfect frothy

milk for your tropical cappuccino. 


8. Pour the oat milk into your coffee mug, and enjoy! 


Blood Orange Root Beer Americano 

A traditional americano is made with water and espresso. When you order a plain americano, you can expect that it will be served as a hot beverage, but you can always specify that you’d like an iced americano as well. 


Some coffee shops offer a drink that is most commonly known as a spritzy americano. The drink might have a different name depending upon where you go, but in essence, this coffee beverage replaces still water with sparkling water for an americano with bubbles.


While a spritzy americano is a unique coffee drink all on its own, we thought we would take it up a notch and introduce you to the blood orange root beer americano. It is very similar to a spritzy americano, but the taste is out of this world! We highly recommend this beverage on days where the sun is shining and you are craving something refreshing. 


You will need…



  1. Pull two shots of espresso. 
  2. While the shots are pulling, prepare a cup full of ice cubes. 
  3. Add a pump of blood orange syrup over the ice, letting it slowly trickle to the bottom.
  4. Take the root beer and pour it into your cup, leaving two inches of room at the top. 
  5. When the shots finish pulling, pour them on top of the ice cubes and root beer.
  6. Take a straw or a spoon and stir the shots into the root beer.
  7. Enjoy your unique root beer americano!  Coffee cup Barista Underground


Lemon Fruitcake Latte

A basic latte is usually a twelve-ounce coffee drink. It contains a shot or two of espresso, topped with ten ounces of milk. You have probably heard of vanilla lattes because they are the most popular flavored latte, followed by caramel lattes. But have you ever heard of the lemon fruitcake latte


We know what you’re thinking… Lemon and fruitcake with espresso? It sounds like an incredibly odd combination, but trust us when we say that your first sip of this latte will make you reconsider your first impression. 


The bitterness of espresso plays off of the cool citrus taste of lemon, and the hint of fruitcake adds an unexpected sweetness. Follow the recipe below for one of the most surprisingly delectable unique coffee recipes! 


You will need…



  1. Take a coffee cup and add one pump of lemon syrup to the bottom of the cup.
  2. Then, add a pump of hazelnut syrup.
  3. Drizzle caramel sauce along the insides of the cup for an added sweetness. 
  4. Prepare your espresso shots by grinding the coffee beans. 
  5. Pull two shots of espresso. 
  6. While the shots are pulling, find your milk frothing pitcher.
  7. Fill the pitcher with about eight ounces of soy milk. 
  8. Add a teaspoon of matcha to your milk pitcher.
  9. Steam the milk and matcha together until the milk reaches your desired temperature. 
  10. When you are done frothing the milk, pour the two espresso shots into the coffee cup.
  11. Let the milk sit for a moment while you stir the espresso with the syrups. 
  12. Pouring the milk into the cup as usual. 
  13. Leave about half an inch of room at the top of your cup.
  14. Take the whipped cream and top your cup with as much as you desire.
  15. Sprinkle matcha and cinnamon on top of the whipped cream. 
  16. Top it off with pieces of dried fruit for a more intense fruitcake flavor! 


Why Changing Classic Coffee Recipes is So Much Fun 

There is a saying that goes something along the lines of, “If it isn’t broken, do not fix it.” When it comes to coffee-based drinks, this colloquial phrase can be ignored. There are so many endless ways of recreating classic coffee and cool espresso recipes. And even though the classic espresso coffee recipes are timeless and perfect as they are, they make for a great baseline when coming up with unique coffee recipes of your own. 


Whether you want to stick to the classics or create cool coffee recipes, the best place to start is with basic coffee recipes. From there, simply let your creativity run wild and see what cool beverages you create! You just might find that your favorite espresso coffee recipes didn’t exist until you came up with them.  

September 26, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground